Get To Know Us

Destiny widows & children Affairs Foundation (DWCAF) is a charity foundation that have basic aims, goals and objective, al geared towards making living more meaningful for the widows and abandoned children in our community.


    1. To create, establish and promote a healthy environment for the attainment of the vision as expressed in our motto: “ help the widows support the needy “
    2. To form a forum where the members and all members of the public comprising widows and children may meet & discuss their welfare in particular including financial aid, medical aid, economic aid, academic funding e.t.c.
    3. To assist members in their difficulties and problems in any way possible e.g. counseling, provision of shelter, legal aids e.t.c.
    4. To foster unity, confidence, mutual understanding and corporation among the members and members of the public generally.
    5. To bring out the hidden talents in them thereby making provision for skill acquisition programmes, fundings, business start ups etc.
    Therefore, the collective impact of all our aims is simply to reduce to its barest minimal the sufferings of the less privileged widows/ children through our self employment scheme.



    As we live in a rebellious world full of strives and toils, where many have little or no care for other people. We sincerely believe that we have this divine mandate to make positive impact in the lives of these poor widows and children. We aim at all times to empower these class of neglected people in our community, giving them sense of direction and making available for them tools/ materials and where withal to live useful and constructive life.



    Restoring confidence and dignity to the poor widows & children.


    Creating lasting structures whereby the less privileged widows / children can be assisted in their pitiful and sorrowful conditions.