Our Programs!

Workshops: We organize workshops & have facilitated the training of some of our members on skill acquisition. Hence, some are now self employed and less dependent on alms thereby taking care of themselves and their children.

Medicals: We occasionally organise health management and free medical check up program with our volunteer medical personnel’s to screen and treat the sick amongst them. This has gone a long way in keeping them healthy and strong to be able to meet up with the challenges of living. Health they say is Wealth. So this is a very important aspect of our organisation.

Welfare: We equally distribute, food stuff provisions, clothing and other gift items to our members. This gives all of them the sense of belonging and make them know that they are loved as someone somewhere always cares.

NOTE: To every Nigerian, ‘Freedom’ is an illusion. To the hapless widow in our community, life is brutish, nasty and short. Hence, destiny widows & children affairs foundation.

Our Challenges

1. Accommodation : We constantly need resources to get accomodation for some of the less privileged widows who have been ejected by their erstwhile landlords for reason of non payment of their house rents.
2. Start – up capitals: We provide soft loans and start up capital for those who have acquired skills and run small scale enterprises (SME’s) at no interest rate. When their businesses start growing well they will also contribute to the fund that helped them grow their business for others coming behind to also benefit.
3. Scholarship scheme : Education is vital to the growing child who because of no fault of theirs find themselves being unable to continue their schooling. So we continuously fund and sponsor educational scholarship schemes for the indigent students.
4. Medical outreach: Health is Wealth. We constantly need medical aids and support to enable us keep all our members healthy as well as take care of the sick ones.